A 30 Year Old
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Welcome to the Brass Rail. Home of the 1st $1 Beer and the Murph, the first 27 Ounce beer sold, named after Ms. Edna's late husband. Originally named Kelly's, the Rail has been a staple in the Pasadena Community for over 30 years!

Ms. Edna has owned 4 bars including Captain Jacks, Willy D's, Murphy's and The Rail, making Ms. Edna a bar owner for almost 50 years! Her Son Ed, Grand Daughter Stacy along with employees are treated as if they are family making this a favorite of many throughout the state of Maryland.

Events & Specials

The Boat (a little history on the boat - the boat was brought to The Rail over 20 years ago where is was saved from its sunk misery and made the attraction which it is every summer on Sunday's from 3-9)

The Ravens Bus - The Rail offers a chartered bus ride from the Rail parking lot directly to M&T Stadium for every home game for the price of $35 which includes food and ride.

DJ Marcus (Every Other Friday - Winter Months)
DJ Mega Mike (Weds, Saturday & Sunday)


$2 Pints (16 oz. All Night)


$3 Bottles (Domestics)


(Poor Man's Night)

$1.25 Drafts (9-2am)


(Drinkin W/Lincoln)

$5.00 Bombs (9-12am Only)

$2.00 16 oz. Drafts (Domestics)

$3.50 Bombs @ Midnight


(Ladies Night)

$2.00 Drinks For Ladies (9-12am)

$2.00 16 oz. Drafts (Domestics and 9-12am)

$3.50 Bombs @ Midnight

$3.50 Fireball & Pickle Shots (9-12am)


$3.00 Fireball (9-12am)

$1.25 Natty Boh Bottles (9-12am)

$3.50 Bombs @ Midnight

Sundays (Sunday Funday) $3.50

Sunday (Sunday Funday)

$3.50 Fireball (9-12am) v

$3.50 Capt. Morgan Drinks (9-12am)

$2.00 Draft Pints (9-2am)

$3.50 Bombs @ Midnight

Team Members

Below is our team who everyone knows and loves! If you would like to leave a testimonial about any team member please use the contact form on the top right side of our main menu. We greatly appreciate it in advance.

Ms. Edna


Stacy (Bar Manager)






My name is Jessica but feel free to call me Jess. I'm 31, I've been a bartender for 2 years and love it!!! I work mostly nights unless they need help, I love the Rail because I am always busy and never bored and it truly feels like everyone is family. I am a people person and usually get along with everyone I meet. There really isn't anything better than meeting new people while having a fun time!! When you come in say "Hey Jess" and I'll take good care of you, see you soon.




Dj Marcus

DJ Mega Mike


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